The Best DDoS Protected Services for any Application.

DDoS Protected Servers.

The Best DDoS Protected Servers

  • Dedicated Servers or Cloud Servers for all needs.
  • DDoS Protection compatible with all existing applications.
  • Reliable against any known DDoS Attacks.
  • Premium Bandwidth, high quality connectivity for your users.
  • Inline DDoS Protection. (Always On Protection State)
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DDoS Protected Web Hosting.

The Best DDoS Protected Web Hosting

  • Fast and reliable performance.
  • Automatic Botnet Protection. (HDS - "Human Detection System")
  • cPanel is available together with a very secure environment.
  • High End web servers, powered by Dual Intel Xeon E5 series CPU.
  • Hardware Raid Storage avoiding downtimes due to Disk Failures.
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Why choose our services ?

The Best DDoS Protected Services

  • Our AS60503 has an Amazing Premium Network connectivity to the world's best Tier 1 Transit providers: NTT, CenturyLink, Cogent, Seabone, Liberty Global (1.5+ Tbps)
  • High scalable network, built to absorb volumetric DDoS Attacks at any time.
  • Low false positive rate when DDoS Attacks are received and mitigated, avoiding user complaints. (<= 1%)
  • What are you waiting to improve and ensure your business stability on the internet ? Make your order right now, and become free of the DDoS Threats!
  • Located in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) connected to the largest Internet Exchange Points of the world at: AMS-IX, DE-CIX, NL-IX, LINX, FranceIX. (300+ Gbps)
  • Proprietary DDoS Mitigation technologies developed and updated since 2011.
  • Proactive support services and specializing engineers to guarantee your expectations and confidence in our services.
  • ** HyperFilter detects and stops DDoS Attacks before they impact your business. **

DDoS: Transformation of a Decade.

Check how the DDoS Attacks Evolved in the Last Decade.