How it Works

Explaining the Functionalities

  • Our web hosting packages are placed in dedicated servers prepared for DDoS mitigation of any kinds, being TCP, UDP, ICMP, ARP and so on.

How does our Web Hosting acts against DDoS Attacks

  • Once an attack is received, in the next few minutes our systems will automatically filter and black list the attacking bots.
  • Your web site will be up for the most possible time, unless it exceeds the capacities of the choosen package you’ve acquired.
  • In this case, you can always request a upgrade or custom plan for your specific problem. All kinds of DDoS attacks are mitigated into our firewalls and only the good trafic is allowed to pass to your website.

Reasons to choose our DDoS protection Web Hosting

  • Be protected 24h against all known
    DDoS attacks;
  • Support with our DDoS
    Specialized Engineers.

Shared Web Hosting Packages

cPanel Access
SSH Access
Guaranteed CPU 300% 300% 300%
Guaranteed RAM 4096 MB (4 GB) 4096 MB (4 GB) 4096 MB (4 GB)
Disk Space 15.000 MB (15 GB) 17.500 MB (17.5 GB) 20.000 MB (20 GB)
Bandwidth (Clean / Protected Traffic) 600.000 MB (600 GB) 800.000 MB (800 GB) 1.000.000 MB (1000 GB)
DDoS Protection
cPanel Website Migration Yes / On Request Yes / On Request Yes / On Request
Unlimited Domains / Subdomains
Unlimited FTP/E-mail Accounts
Unlimited MySQL Databases
PHP (4.4, 5.6 and 7.1) + MSSQL/ODBC Support
SSL Domains 1 / On Request 1 / On Request 1 / On Request
Location Netherlands (AMS) Netherlands (AMS) Netherlands (AMS)
Hosting OS CloudLinux CloudLinux CloudLinux
Price $ 89.99/month
$ 119.99/month
$ 149.99/month

DDoS Protection Specifications

Management Panel (Attack Reporting)
Support Service (1)
ARP Flood Protection
Port Scan Flood Protection
TCP Protection (All Types)
Randomized Packet Protection
UDP/ICMP Flood Protection
Always on Protection State
HTTP Flood Protection – Layer 7 GET/POST
(1) We provide support for Hardware, Network or DDoS Attacks related issues only.

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DDoS Mitigation
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