Best DDoS Protection services for any application.

Protected Web Hosting.

HYPERFILTER. The Best DDoS Protected Web Hosting

  • Fast and reliable performance.
  • Amazing stability under DDoS Attacks.
  • Auto botnet mitigation. (HDS - "Human Detection System")
  • Automatic setup in 5 minutes.
  • Protected against all known DDoS Attacks.
  • Cpanel is available together with a very secure environment.
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Server Protection.

HYPERFILTER. The Best Server DDoS Protection

  • Very Low Latency for any application / game server.
  • Best DDoS protection for any application / game server of the market.
  • Very smooth performance.
  • Great performance during DDoS Attacks.
  • Secure against any known DDoS Attack.
  • High compatibility and easy to setup.
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New Protected Load Balancer


So you have heavy applications with many simultaneous users connected ? You are getting overheads because you can’t find a way to increase the load and sustainability of the application ? Within all this, there are still DoS/DDoS Threats causing your business to fall down ? Don’t worry, we are proud to announce the release [...]

Every day from 10:00am to 10:00pm UTC-5

Current time: 2014.04.24 - 1:42:02pm UTC-5

Reasons to choose HyperFilter.

The Best DDoS Protected Solutions

  • We are proud to offer the best DDoS Protection technology for any website / application or game server in the market.
  • We aren't resellers like the competition, we develop our mitigation technology daily, improving it day-by-day to become the most up to date and quality DDoS Protection available.
  • Our HPP(Hyper Protected Port) reduce the latency(lag/delay), improving your application / game server reliability and quality, making it smooth, becoming suitable for any implementation.
  • Great network capacity to absorb DDoS attacks with multiple high scalability gigabit networks.
  • Strong and powerful DDoS protection system for your websites / applications or game servers.
  • Example usages : Social network applications (Facebook, Google+), Mobile Online Applications (Android / iOS / WP), Server-Client applications (Web Server, FTP, Mail Server), Game Servers and so on !
  • Low false positive rate during DDoS Mitigation. (less than 1%)
  • What are you waiting to improve and ensure your business stability on the online market ? Make your order right now, and become free of the online threats !
  • ** HyperFilter detect and stop the DDoS attacks before they impact your business**

DDoS Transformation of a Decade.

Check how the DDoS Attacks Evolved in the Last Decade