How it Works

What is hwp ?

  • Hyper Web Protection is a proxy shielding solution, where we provide the best Anti-DDoS Solution for any web site / web application, located in any datacenter.

How does HWP works against DDoS Attacks ?

  • Our infrastructure is located in The Netherlands / Amsterdam.
  • You’re going to receive a new Public IP address which you’ll be able to use for your users connect in your applications.
  • Our HWP works like a shield, so your web site / web application will be protected/hidden behind our mitigation network through this new Public IP address. Your HWP will be availble for the most possible time, unless it exceeds the capacities of the choosen package you’ve acquired. In this case, you can always request a upgrade or a custom package for your specific problem.
  • The HWP is specially built for mitigating attacks aimed at web sites or web applications.
  • All kinds of DDoS Attacks (TCP, UDP, ICMP, ARP, Socket Flooding and so on…) are mitigated into our systems and only the good traffic is allowed to pass.
  • We develop our mitigation technology daily, improving it day-by-day to provide the most up to date and quality DDoS Protection available.
  • Example usages : Social network applications (Facebook, Google+), Mobile Online Applications (Android / iOS / WP), Server-Client applications (Web Server) and so on !

Reasons to choose our DDoS Protection

  • Possiblity to keep your any web site / web application in any datacenter;
  • Be protected 24h against all known DDoS attacks;
  • The setup procedure is free of charge;
  • Great quality for any application or game server
    with specializing network engineers;
  • Support with our DDoS
    Specializing Engineers;
  • Best DDoS protection for
    online Games
    of the market.
  • What are you waiting to improve
    and ensure your business stability on
    the online market ? Make your order
    right now, and become
    free of the online threats !

Hyper Web Protection

Service Compatibility (1) Web Sites 80/443
Mailing 25/465/587
Web Sites 80/443
Mailing 25/465/587
Web Sites 80/443
Mailing 25/465/587
Web Sites 80/443
Mailing 25/465/587
Available Dedicated IPs 1 1 1 Custom
Load Balancers 2 4 8 8+
Bandwidth (Clean / Protected Traffic) 10.000 GB 20.000 GB 30.000 GB Custom
DDoS Protection
SSL Support  1 Domain  2 Domains  3 Domains  3 Domains+
Content Caching SuperCache SuperCache SuperCache SuperCache
Network Priority (2) 3 2 1 0
Location Netherlands (AMS) Netherlands (AMS) Netherlands (AMS) Netherlands (AMS)
Very Low Latency/Ping
Investment € 39.99/month
€ 59.99/month
€ 79.99/month
€ 79.99+/month
(1) Exclusive for websites, if you want to protect other applications, for this we have our HPP Service.
(2) We will try to mitigate attacks up to any level, however keep in mind that we must guarantee the most network resources for the packages with the highest priority (0 & 1).

DDoS Protection Specifications

Management Panel (Attack Reporting)
Support Service
ARP Flood Protection
Port Scan Flood Protection
TCP Protection (All Types)
Randomized Packet Protection
HTTP Socket Flood Protection
UDP/ICMP Flood Protection
Always on Protection State
Low False Positive Rate (<=1%)
Low Latency / Response Time Impact
L7 (HTTP [GET/POST]) Protection
IP Connection Limiting By Request By Request By Request By Request
IP Throughput Limiting By Request By Request By Request By Request

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