Package Storage Bandwidth CPU Memory Prices
Light A 5.000 MB
(5 GB)
100.000 MB
(100 GB)
5 GHZ 2048 MB € 19.99/month
Light B 7.500 MB
(7.5 GB)
200.000 MB
(200 GB)
5 GHZ 2048 MB € 24.99/month
Light C 10.000 MB
(10 GB)
400.000 MB
(400 GB)
5 GHZ 2048 MB € 29.99/month
Standard A 15.000 MB
(15 GB)
600.000 MB
(600 GB)
7.5 GHZ 4096 MB € 39.99/month
Standard B 17.500 MB
(17.5 GB)
800.000 MB
(800 GB)
7.5 GHZ 4096 MB € 44.99/month
Standard C 20.000 MB
(20 GB)
1.000.000 MB
(1.000 GB)
7.5 GHZ 4096 MB € 49.99/month
Ultra A 30.000 MB
(30 GB)
1.500.000 MB
(1.500 GB)
10 GHZ 8192 MB € 59.99/month
Ultra B 40.000 MB
(40 GB)
2.000.000 MB
(2.000 GB)
10 GHZ 8192 MB € 69.99/month
Ultra C 50.000 MB
(50 GB)
3.000.000 MB
(3.000 GB)
10 GHZ 8192 MB € 89.99/month
Ultra D 75.000 MB
(75 GB)
5.000.000 MB
(5.000 GB)
10 GHZ 8192 MB € 99.99/month

Explaining the Functionalities

  • Our infrastructure is located in The Netherlands / Amsterdam.
  • Our premium quality shared web hosting packages are placed in dedicated servers connected in a network prepared for DDoS mitigation of any kinds, being TCP, UDP, ICMP, ARP and so on.
  • No false promises with unmetered or unlimited offers, you’ll get guaranteed resources and a great support service.
  • cPanel + CloudLinux w/ KernelCare in all servers, to provide you with the best web hosting experience for your business, with stability and reliability.
  • Free cPanel website migration service included. (On customer request)
  • Free SSL is provided via cPanel AutoSSL, the customer is also able to use his own SSL Certificates if necessary.

How does our Web Hosting acts against DDoS Attacks

  • Once an attack is received, our systems will automatically filter and black list the attacking bots.
  • Your website will be always online, unless it exceeds the capacities of your chosen package. In this case, you can always request a package upgrade. All known DDoS attacks are mitigated by our network and only the good trafic is allowed to pass to your website.

Reasons to choose us.

  • Active DDoS Protection, permanently ready to block any known attacks.
  • Support with our DDoS MitigationSpecializing Engineers.
  • Account Isolation w/ CloudLinux
    , your files can’t be stolen/leaked
    by other system users.
  • Safe against latest threats w/
    KernelCare, ensuring the system
    kernel is always up to date.
  • Guaranteed system resources,
    delivering the best performance.
  • Select PHP Support,
    allowing you to select the best
    PHP Version for your websites.
  • Unlimited Domains,
    Subdomains, FTP and Email Accounts, MySQL Databases and
    MSSQL Database Support.
  • Linux OS – Our webservers
    running the latest versions of CentOS + CloudLinux.
  • All the service packages are upgradeable,
    meaning you can upgrade/downgrade when needed.

DDoS Protection

Technical Specifications

  • DDoS Protection up to 2000 Gbps.
  • Complete TCP/L4+L7 protection system.
  • Specializing DDoS Mitigation engineering support to help you during any threats.
  • Advanced Native HTTP/L7 protection system.
  • Advanced Management Panel providing accurate Attack Reporting.
  • Always On Protection State – DDoS Protection, to ensure the maximum stability and availability of your services during DDoS Attacks.
  • Low False Positive Rate, ensuring a trouble free service while receiving attacks.
  • High UDP protection stability for DNS servers.

HyperFilter – Network Design

HyperFilter Network Design - DDoS Protection - Web Hosting
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