The Best DDoS Protected Services for any Application.

DDoS Protected Servers.

The Best DDoS Protected Servers

  • Dedicated Servers or Cloud Servers for all needs.
  • Compatible with all existing applications.
  • Reliable against any known DDoS Attacks.
  • Premium Bandwidth (Multiple Tier 1 Carriers).
  • Low Latency for any application.
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DDoS Protected Web Hosting.

The Best DDoS Protected Web Hosting

  • Fast and reliable performance.
  • Automatic Botnet Protection. (HDS - "Human Detection System")
  • Reliable against any known DDoS Attacks.
  • Premium Bandwidth (Multiple Tier 1 Carriers).
  • cPanel is available together with a very secure environment.
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Why choose our services ?

The Best DDoS Protected Services

  • Amazing Premium Network connectivity to the world's best Tier 1 Transit providers: GTT, NTT, Seabone, Zayo, Cogent, KPN. (600+ Gbps)
  • Great network capacity to absorb DDoS Attacks with a high scalable network.
  • Low false positive rate during DDoS Mitigation, avoiding user complaints. (less than 1%)
  • What are you waiting to improve and ensure your business stability on the internet ? Make your order right now, and become free of the DDoS Threats !
  • We are located in The Netherlands / Amsterdam connected to the largest Internet Exchange Points of the world at: AMS-IX, DE-CIX, NL-IX, LINX, FranceIX. (200+ Gbps)
  • Proprietary DDoS Mitigation technologies developed and updated since 2009.
  • Proactive support services and specializing engineers to guarantee your expectations and confidence in our services.
  • ** HyperFilter detects and stops DDoS Attacks before they impact your business. **

UDP Games – Protection Improvements


Today, we have released our new service for UDP Games, it’s called “IP Access – API”,this system is capable of identifying real users vs fake traffic, ensuring stability for UDP Sensitive games. In order to take advantage of this service, all you have to do, is hire any of our services such as : Dedicated… [Read More…]

Web Hosting Packages – Updated


We are proud to announce that all our web hosting packages have been upgraded, offering more disk space and monthly bandwidth. The following table illustrates how the packages were before: Package – Space / Bandwidth ————————————- Light A – 2.500 MB / 75.000 MB Light B – 5.000 MB / 150.000 MB Light C -… [Read More…]

DDoS: Transformation of a Decade.

Check how the DDoS Attacks Evolved in the Last Decade.