DDoS Protected colocation services

DDoS Protection
Protection Level Up to 500 Gbps
Protected Connectivity 1 Gbps +
Rack Space 1U +

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Key Points

  • Our infrastructure is located in The Netherlands / Amsterdam.
  • Your servers are placed in a redundant DDoS Protected network with multiple carriers providing the best connectivity.
  • A DDoS Attack is mitigated nearly instantly, avoiding downtimes and side effects related with it.
  • Quality is an important factor, our engineering team is always available for you.
  • All kinds of DDoS Attacks (TCP, UDP, ICMP, ARP, Socket Flooding and so on…) are mitigated into our systems and only the good traffic is allowed to pass.
  • We develop our mitigation technology daily, improving it day-by-day to provide the most up to date and quality DDoS Protection available.

Reasons to choose our Colocation

  • Be protected 24h against all known DDoS attacks;
  • The setup procedure is free of charge;
  • Great quality for any application or game server
    with specializing network engineers;
  • Support with our DDoS
    Specializing Engineers;
  • Best DDoS protection for
    online Games
    of the market.
  • What are you waiting to improve
    and ensure your business stability on
    the online market ? Make your order
    right now, and become
    free of the online threats !

DDoS Protection

Technical Specifications

  • Up to 200 Gbps / 88 Mpps DDoS Protection level per IP.
  • Complete TCP/L4 protection system. (Network/IP Layer)
  • Specializing DDoS Mitigation engineering support to help you during any threats.
  • Customized protection services for UDP Games and TeamSpeak 3 servers.
  • Advanced Management Panel providing accurate Attack Reporting.
  • Always On Protection State – DDoS Protection, to ensure the maximum stability and availability of your services during DDoS Attacks.
  • Low False Positive Rate, ensuring a trouble free service while receiving attacks.
  • High UDP protection stability for DNS & SIP servers.

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HyperFilter DDoS Protection SolutionsHyperFilter DDoS Protection Solutions
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