New DDoS Mitigation Facility

Lately, we’ve begin migrating all our customers, into our new facility in netherlands.

This new network is very stable and provide a high throughput capacity ranging from 300 to 400 Gbps.

We are connected to :

– Tinet
– Glbx (Globalcrossing / Level 3)
– Atrato IP
– Cogent
– Edpnet
– Seabone
– EuroTransit

So you can expect faster response times and latency improving with the new infrastructure.

If you are not in the new infrastructure yet, you don’t have to worry, gradually all the customers are being migrated, during this month.

You can expect, from now on, a high improvement in the overall quality of our DDoS Protection services, and a better quality in the DDoS Mitigation systems.

HyperFilter DDoS Protection SolutionsHyperFilter DDoS Protection Solutions
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